Wednesday, October 08, 2014

So why am I running again for Alderman and Deputy Lord Mayor of Hobart City?

As your Alderman, I'm able to use the extensive knowledge built up over fifteen years of experience in the everyday aspects of local government.  I continue to work across a host of Council committees that make Hobart a better place to live in.  If local government's taught me one thing, it's the need to tempered ideals with practical solutions, in sorting out conflicts and what can be achieved.

My voting record shows I've consistently defended residential amenity, privacy and sunlight.  I look at new proposals with an open mind.  It's important to take a long view on how the community wants to shape Hobart.  I have enough experience to now know that popular ideas need to be supported by good evidence.  Development needs a business case.  New policy, and policy change, needs to come from the bottom up, not imposed top down, if we're to get the successful outcomes that after a period of time, are seen to actually work, and people can live with.

And if you don't see me in the media all the time, it's because I find quiet, persistent leadership works best in getting support around the table and in the diversity of residents and business communities that make up Hobart.  Especially when championing education and research opportunities that let Hobart grow as a place people want to live and work in.  I see our future as an education and research city, while providing good infrastructure and parks management for what is arguably one of the most beautiful settings for a city on this Earth. 

I'm always open to new ideas and ways of working. That's essential at the local government level, because as we all know, we all change over time, and our communities' needs change, and there's always a cleverer way of working.   

As a true independent, I ask for your voting support when the postal ballot arrives in the mail.

And yes, wouldn't it be good to have electronic voting options!

Authorised by Eva Ruzicka, 10 Congress Street, South Hobart

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