Saturday, October 11, 2014

The No Junk Mail pamphlet alternative!

Hobart City Council Elections 2014

Eva Ruzicka

Commonsense  Experience  Really Independent


for Alderman     for Deputy Lord Mayor

Ideals with practicality

Hobart is a great people place – being small gives ideas an advantage!

With fifteen years’ experience on Council across a range of Committees, Eva has a solid understanding of what it means to represent your interests in local government.  With your support, in a time of increasing economic and reform pressures, Eva will continue to:

  • Consistently defend residential amenity, privacy and sunlight.  Our homes are our castles and we have the right to enjoy them.
  • Make the case for good policy that advantages both residents and businesses in next year’s re-rating and re-zoning debates.   Certainty matters in planning for Hobart’s financial prosperity.
  • Support policies and projects that are practical, affordable, environmentally and socially sound for visitors and residents alike in Hobart.  Hobart is a really special place to live and visit!
    Eva has taken the long view in facilitating opportunities aligned to our City.  This means advocating for innovation in education, information technology, medical research and Antarctic/Southern Ocean activities. 
    For an Alderman and Deputy grounded in commonsense, yet open to new ideas:


Contacts:  or 0407 391317

Authorised by Eva Ruzicka, 10 Congress Street, South Hobart


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